Benefits to the Community

The Davis Innovation Center will provide a desirable place to serve young technology entrepreneurs engaged in the community and eager to locate and grow their discoveries, companies, and revenues. Creating a successful, world-class innovation center in the City of Davis positions the city to capture significant economic and community benefits, including:

  • Creation of new high-paying jobs that will attract and retain high-value employees—giving more highly qualified Davis residents opportunities to live and work in the community.
  • Positive far-reaching impacts on the real estate market, affecting demand for residential, commercial, and office/R&D property and increasing property values.
  • Technology transfer capture from UC Davis of both small startup business and growing mid-to-large size companies, reducing loss through out-migration.
  • Long-term revenue generation to help balance and stabilize the city budget.
  • Close proximity to UC Davis for natural collaboration between technology businesses and research experts.
  • Increased opportunities for UC Davis students to obtain internships with technology companies in close proximity to the campus.
  • Attraction of out of area technology businesses (including national and international ) that desire close proximity to the intellectual, innovation and entrepreneurial resources at UC Davis.
  • Adjacency to Sutter Davis Medical Campus encouraging additional technological collaboration between medical research firms and the hospital.
  • Nominal traffic impacts due to close proximity to two Highway 113 interchanges—reducing regional traffic impacts and vehicle miles traveled (VMT).
  • Proximity a short biking distance to UC Davis, Downtown Davis, existing single and multi-family housing, and neighborhood shopping—reducing greenhouse gas impacts.
  • Capacity to support/expand utilities and communications infrastructure to improve services to surrounding areas.
  • Opportunities to create public/open spaces close to the UC Davis campus and neighboring residential and commercial area for the enjoyment of all Davis residents.
  • No development on high-quality agricultural land.
  • Opportunities to integrate sustainable transportation concepts within the site and connect with the larger community context.
  • Close proximity to underutilized Yolo County airport, Capitol Corridor train station and Sacramento International Airport.
  • With no residential component in the project, employees will utilize existing real estate in the City.
  • Additionally, the development team brings the expertise and ability to help the City address densification and repurposing of private and publicly owned assets in Downtown Davis.